Monday, April 6, 2009

Autism Speaks Walk 2009

Hi everyone!

As promised, I've been working on planning a team for this event. We can walk, volunteer, or both. If you're interested, please join the team I started! I have easy parking in the city (I live in Lincoln Park), but we can arrange for you to be picked up at the Metra, etc., if you'd like to take the train down together. Otherwise, if it is easier for you to go directly to Soldier Field, we can just meet you there!

Event Info:
Saturday, May 16th (Registration starts at 8 am, walk starts at 10 am)
1410 S. Museum Campus (Soldier Field)
5k run

So basically, just join our team and we can figure out everything as I receive more info from the event coordinators! Here is our personal website (very fancy, I know!):

Please let me know if you have any questions, or concerns! As I previously mentioned, I will update this posting after I receive the welcome packet. If people are interested, Laura J. and I will plan a super fun social event after the walk, so stay tuned!


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